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About Us

Narcinon is your resource for information about narcissistic abuse and how it affects your overall well-being.

Connection is so important. Join our Instagram community of more than 30,000 survivors to heal, and thrive after narcissistic abuse, sharing experiences and listening to others who have been through it themselves. 

Educate yourself. Narcinon means the non-tolerance of narcissistic abuse. Education, acceptance and making a plan to get out are the stepping stones to freedom. 

Be there for others. Social well-being effects how we think, how we feel and how we act. Your journey can help someone else which in turn helps you. It is through our shared successes that we can move forward together. 

Schedule a mind-body wellness consultation with our coaches. Staying out of the NarcTank requires strength — mental, emotional, and physical.  Email us a [email protected] for more information.

Why You Should Join Us

We created this community to connect you with others who intimately understand what you went through. This is a space for you to feel seen, heard, and grounded so that you can heal. We outline a path from devastation to creation in order to empower you to transform your pain into action towards your desired future. We do this through education, embodied practices, and human interconnection.  While  every survivor's healing journey is unique, we provide a community and tools to make your healing a priority.  We share what helped us go from devastation to creation because we want to see you find the same freedom after abuse. Welcome!

A Big Thanks

A BIG YOU for being brave enough to show up for yourself and others in this space.